The art and tattoos of Adam Megens. I am just a regular guy who is lucky enough to give my clients a piece of my art with every knock of the needle. No ego, no rockstar mentality, no attitude. Just some laughs, occasional bad singing and awesome tattoos. Come enjoy the ride...
I am a self-taught tattoo artist. My background is in drawing and painting and some dabbling in photography. My aim is to give every client the attention and enthusiasm that their tattoo deserves. It is, after all, my art work that you will carry with you anywhere and everywhere, forever. I do not take that lightly, it garners a lot of respect. You are my best advertisement. 
I work by appointment in a private studio. Privacy and a relaxed atmosphere are important to me, and no disruptions. You need to be calm and comfortable during your tattoo, and I believe my studio offers a quiet (except for the singing) and cosy environment that will make you feel at home.
I am not here to boast about my tattoos and my talents. I believe that any artist, in any art form, should have their work speak for them. Being self critical is hugely important for any artist too, and in that sentiment, I want every tattoo and painting I do to be better than the one that came before it. Never stop improving.
If you appreciate my work, then I look forward to working with you and giving you a great memory that will be immortalised in your skin. You are my canvas and I cannot wait to colour it in.